Royal News Overview

The Royal News is St. Mary Parish School's newsletter to keep parents, students, and staff all up-to-date with various events and activities occurring at the school.  It is emailed to all parents and staff every Friday afternoon.

Current Newsletter

The most current Royal News newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the Royal News icon on the front page of the St. Mary Parish School website.

Submitting Articles

St. Mary Parish school encourages parents to submit potential articles to the School Office.  All submissions for the Royal News, School Website, and School Facebook must be submitted using the Submit Newsletter Information Form. Once submitted, the school administrative office will review the submission and confirm that photos can be posted using the Archdiocese's Safeguarding All God's Children. The School Office reserves the right to post or not post any submissions.

View Archived Newsletters

If you would like to view past newsletters, click HERE.

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