Bus Information

Students who ride school buses are expected to await the bus arrival at their bus stop in a safe location away from traffic flow and without activity which might cause a student to be forced into the path of a moving vehicle.

The bus driver is in complete charge during the boarding, the ride, and departure from the bus - including crossing the street.

The following Conduct Rules apply to all students who ride the bus.

  1. Respect and obey the DRIVER at ALL times.
  2. Go directly to your seat.
  3. Remain seated at all times.
  4. Pushing and or shoving is never permitted.
  5. Always keep your hands and head inside the bus.
  6. Loud talking, laughing, and other noises are inappropriate.
  7. "KILLER" words are inappropriate.
  8. Keep book bags, lunches, and coats out of the aisles.
  9. Never throw anything out of a bus window.
  10. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is never allowed.

All students who are assigned to ride the bus after school will ride the bus unless the teacher or office receives written notice from the parent/guardian that the child should not ride the bus.

Students whose misbehavior is reported by the driver to the bus company become the subject of referral to the principal. The principal will investigate and take appropriate action.

When a complaint regarding bus behavior is received, the following procedure will be followed:

First Report: The student will be called to the office, and must report his misbehavior to his parent/guardian. A follow-up call or note will be made to the parent/guardian by the school authorities.

Second Report: The student will be called to the office and the parent/guardian will be called. The student may be suspended from riding the bus if circumstances warrant it.

Third Report: As a final measure, the student may be deprived of bus transportation.

All behavior referrals and subsequent actions taken will be kept on file. If a child is late in being picked up or coming home, parent/guardian should call the bus company to inquire about the delay.

Normally, a student may not ride a bus that he/she is not scheduled to ride. This creates a liability problem as well as a load capacity problem. 

In certain circumstances, a bus company may allow a non-bus rider to accompany a bus rider with written permission; however, this is not regular practice and can be void at any time. St. Mary School must adhere to bus company policy. 

 A written permission slip must be signed by either the principal or the administrative assistant if children need to switch buses for any reason. Only regular bus riders are allowed to do this.

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