Faith in Our Families


Faith in Our Families is a St. Mary Parish School initiative, now part of Home & School, that aims to help families deepen their faith, build discipleship, and connect with other families through faith-centered events and activities.

JOY FOR JESUS is a program that encourages families to attend weekend Mass. All school families are invited to participate!

Each student uses his/her own form (available for download in the column on the right). Each time you attend a weekend Mass, your child should color in a cross, fill in the name of the church attended, and write a word or phrase about something they learned or remember from the Mass. When a column is filled up, have your child turn in the entire form to his/her homeroom teacher. Every Friday, Dr. Joerres or another volunteer will visit the classrooms with a variety of gifts your child can choose from. Forms will be returned to students at that time to take home and continue tracking in the next column.

Key Points:

• Participation is optional

• Only weekend and holy day Masses count (not school Masses)

• You can attend Mass at any church

• Virtual Mass counts for those unable to attend in person

• Fill in the columns at your own pace—simply fill in the next cross whenever you attend Mass again

If you have any questions about the Joy For Jesus program, please contact Martin Devaney at

We also encourage you to subscribe to MagnifiKid!, a weekly magazine that helps children follow along at Mass and offers other fun activities and content. You can subscribe at a reduced cost for the school-year issues (September through May) by participating in the St. Mary bulk order (orders due to the Parish Office by June 30). If you missed that for this school year, you can purchase a subscription on your own through various online sources.

We look forward to seeing you at Mass!