Math Intervention Program

Math Intervention Program

This program is designed to increase student math performance for students who are not meeting grade level benchmarks in the math curriculum.  Students will meet with the Math Specialist and receive additional instruction specific to their learning needs. Students in Grades 3 to 5 are identified using various criteria:

  1. Standardized Test Scores - consistently well below grade level
  2. Classroom Assessments
  3. Classroom Teacher Observations & Recommendations
  4. Evaluation by Math Committee

St. Mary follows the Bridges Intervention program.  Bridges Intervention is an elementary math intervention program using visuals to promote student thinking and accelerate learning.  Intended to complement regular math instruction, Bridges Intervention is ideal for small groups. In these small groups, students work with models that spur thinking and build confidence—starting with manipulatives, moving to two-dimensional representations and then mental images.  


For more information:

Contact:  Melissa Becker, Math Specialist

414-425-3100 (ext 316)

Mrs. Becker's Math Website