Playground Rules

P Playing Games Students will...
  • demonstrate good sportsmanship, respect, and include others
  • not bully, tackle, push, hit, shove, or grab other student's clothes
  • not play dodge ball, attack ball games, nor throw the ball at the face or feet in kickball
L Listen

Students will listen to and obey Playground Supervisors on duty.

A Attitude

Students will...

  • demonstrate respect and responsibility at all times
  • not bully and will report bullying to a Playground Supervisor or teacher
  • immediately line up quietly and orderly, and hold onto all balls after the bell rings
Y Your Safety

 Students will...

  • walk from the cafeteria to the playground at recess
  • play in designated areas and stay aware from teh street and off-limit areas: windows, cars or vehicles, staircases, railings, bike racks, dumpsters, rock wall, dirt/mud, behind or in trees and bushes
  • not stand, walk, or run on teh benches or tables; not sit on the back of the benches
  • not run (can sit/stand) on the bend around the tree
  • not lift others off the ground (no piggy-back rides, no gymnastic/cheerleading lifts, etc.)
  • need to wear the appropriate outer wear for the weather (e.g., coats when cold; snow pants, boots, gloves or mittens in order to play on the snow)
  • report anything or anyone suspicious to the Playground Supervisor
  • leave rocks, sticks, play structure surface material, or other objects alone
  • not throw snowballs or ice chunks
S Slides and Play Structure

 Students willl...

  • go down the slide one at a time, feet first, and not climb up the slides
  • not climb/sit/stand on the top of the monkey bars or the outside edges of the play structure
  • not stand or walk across the top of the rainbow/curved monkey bars
  • not play tag on the play structure
  • tuck into their jackets any loose scarves or loose necklace items
  • not be allowed to play on the play structure if the play structure is wet
  • obey directions given by Playground Supervisors for use of play equipment and play structure during inclement weather (snow, rain, puddles, ice. etc.)
A Accidents  Students will notify a Playground Supervisor if themself or another student is hurt on the playground, and the Supervisor will send the student to the School Office, if appropriate
F Food  Students will not bring or eat food on the playground at recess

 Students will...

  • be allowed to bring approved, safe personal playground equipment from home (e.g., balls, jump ropes)
  • bring playground equipment with them to the cafeteria at lunch time
  • not bring electronic devices to the playground
  • not bounce balls off the roof or walls
  • not use playground equipment (e.g., balls, jump ropes) on the play structure or the blue, soft-surface playground
  • inform a Playground Supervisor about equipment that goes outside of the playground area or to off-limit areas so the Supervisor can obtain the equipment

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Please see the Parent Handbook for additional information.