Middle School Honor Level

The Honor Level System is a program designed to recognize students for good behavior. It supplements the teacher’s classroom management system.  An emphasis is placed on teaching students to take responsibility for their actions.

An additional goal of the system is to create a building atmosphere in which students strive for proper behavior. Rewards for positive behavior include special events and other incentives of interest to adolescents. Inappropriate behavior results in a series of progressive consequences and an accumulation of demerits.  As the number of demerits increases, a student’s Honor Level is adversely affected. 

An infraction Slip “worth” 1 or 3 “demerit points” is issued to a student as a consequence for inappropriate behavior.  The student is requested to sign his/her Infraction Slip to become aware of the inappropriate behavior and to correct it immediately. The teacher then submits the Infraction Slip to the office where it is recorded.  Please note: demerit points issued by a substitute teacher will be doubled.  

With certain levels of demerits comes repercussions for the student. Below is an explanation of these actions that will be taken.

One 3 point demerit

  • Lunch detention, home reflection (signed by parent and students), still eligible for incentive

4 points (sum total from 1 or 2 point demerits)

  • Lunch detention, home reflection (signed by parent and students), still eligible for incentive

Total of 5 points

  • Not eligible for incentive

Total of 6 points

  • After school detention, home reflection, not eligible for incentive

Total of 7 point or more

  • Referral to principal and re-evaluation of procedures for particular student

**Only serve one lunch detention up to four points

The honor level system is forgiving. All demerits will be erased at the beginning and middle of each quarter and the student starts with 0 points.