Sunshine Committee

“Spreading a little sunshine in times of darkness”

The death of a spouse or child, a devastating diagnosis, job loss, divorce; we all pray these situations don’t darken our door, but if they did, what would you do?  How would you cope?  Where would you turn?  St. Mary Parish School historically has been very generous in their response to our families who find themselves in need, but much like each child, each crisis is unique and requires its’ own special care.  Because of this, we are pleased to introduce the St. Mary Parish School Sunshine Committee for Families in Crisis - a committee tasked with creating a vehicle by which our entire school will be able to proactively assist our families who find themselves in the midst of crisis. Areas of assistance will be available in the following forms:

Spiritual Assistance: Prayer groups and/or prayer services; Prayer Aids & Keepsakes; Photography*; Art Therapy*;

Meal Program: Consisting of “Take Them a Meal”; Gift Card Donations; Personal Chef; Freezer Meal/Wild Tree Workshops (done as a community to stock a family freezer)

Individual Family Needs : (To be determined per individual crisis):

  • Specific Need Fulfillment (Needs will be fulfilled via sign-up)
    • Groceries/Dry Goods
    • Household Needs
    • Clothing
    • School Supplies
    • Other
  • Medical Assistance*
    • Medically trained respite
    • Comfort Keepers
    • Counseling*
  • Legal Advise*:  Limited to Pro-bono work and/or guidance on resources available and where to find them.
  • Financial Assistance/Fundraising*:  Due to the nature of financial giving, this area will be coordinated outside of the school.

The Sunshine Committee is excited to coordinate the efforts of our loving and generous St. Mary Parish School families who are so eager to help their friends.  By coordinating efforts and utilizing our many groups already in place (such as the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts), we will provide much needed help in a fashion that is proactive, organized and united Together in Christ.  Confidential assistance will also be available as many families bear their burden privately.  It is important to note that WE, the families of St. Mary Parish School and Faith Community ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE SUNSHINE COMMITTEE, as we as a faith community and school are already fulfilling the role of serving those in need.  The committee members listed, at present, are simply the conduit connecting those in need with those willing and able to fulfill those needs.  Please stay tuned for further information regarding the efforts of the Sunshine Committee.

 "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.”  -John 15:12



Sunshine Committee Members

Dr. Mark Joerres (414) 425-3100

Gina Meller (414) 477-7779

Melissa Hansen (262) 488-1547

Mary Matestic (





**Those with expertise in these areas and a willingness to volunteer will be added to a resource network list. Please contact Dr. Mark Joerres via e-mail if you would like your name and area of expertise submitted for future reference.