Absent and Vacation Policy


If a student is going to be absent, the office should be notified by phone between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM. If a student's absence has not been reported, school personnel will call the home or parent's place of employment.

Any student absent from school because of communicable disease i.e. measles, chicken pox, mumps, scarlet fever must have permission from the health department or a physician before he/she will be readmitted to school. It is required that parents/guardians report their child's communicable disease to the local health department.

In accordance with the Wisconsin Compulsory Attendance Law, a parent must be sent a written notification when the child has been absent or tardy without an acceptable excuse for a total of five days per semester. A second notice regarding habitual truancy shall be sent when a student has been absent for 10 or more days in the school year.

The following are considered examples of unexcused absenses:  Working, babysitting, car trouble, oversleeping, running late, or missed bus. 

School sponsored activities, i.e., retreats, field trips, band practice, chorus, eighth grade end of the year activities, etc. have priority over other activities that are scheduled throughout the school year. Advisors, moderators, leaders, are requested to correlate their programs with events that are planned by teachers, staff, and administration.

Administration and staff discourage doctor and dental appointments during school hours. However, if this becomes necessary, a written note must be presented to the teacher indicating the desired release time. All students must be picked up and released from the school office.


As a school staff, we feel that consistency and clear communication are extremely important when we uphold our high academic expectations with all of our students. If your child must miss school for a family vacation, some work may be given to take on the trip. However, this is not guaranteed. Students in this situation should advocate for themselves as they complete make-up work and should expect to communicate with their teachers upon their return in order to aid the transition back into the academic program. Remember you child is missing more than “work;"  your child is missing instruction.

Teachers will circulate a form and write any advanced assignments on this form, as well as sign it to acknowledge their knowledge of the absence. For assignments that cannot be given prior to the absence, teachers are not obligated to re-teach missed material, but will establish a reasonable time frame for completing missed assignments. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student (and Parent) to advise all teachers of his or her absence and to see that missing work is caught up within one week of the return to school.


Rev 7/16

To report an absence, call: