Box Top Jeans Day


Each child must turn in 10 (or more) Box Tops to their teacher in the morning, or turn in a printout of “Your Activity” reflecting Box Top purchases, and they can wear jeans for the day.  There are two ways to do this:

1.  Clip Box Tops

  • Place 10 (or more) Box Tops in a clear snack or sandwich bag. Please trim excess by cutting around the dotted line. This saves the volunteers many hours of time.
  • One bag of 10 Box Tops is required per child.
  • Have your child turn in the bag of Box Tops to their teacher in the morning.
  • Wear jeans for the day!!!

2. Scan in Your Receipt:

  • Download the Box Tops for Education App.
  • Purchase Box Tops products.
  • Scan your receipt:  Take a photo of your receipt and scan in the receipt within 14 days of purchase.
  • Send a printout of “Your Activity” for Out Of Uniform Day.
  • Wear jeans for the day!!!

Please take this opportunity to turn in all of your Box Tops, or your printout of Box Tops activity, so we can earn money for the school. Box Tops are on a large number of products we use everyday.


Melissa Thompson

Call her with any questions.


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