First Time Use - Text Using Give+ Text: 

On a smartphone, send a text message with the amount of the donation to (414) 622-1082. Only include the dollar amount (e.g., 20) in the body of the text message. 

Pro-tip: add this number to the Contact's List for quick accessibility

The first donation will require additional set up to link the giving credit or debit card. Following the text to donate, you will receive a link to sign up. Follow the prompts to create the account and complete the donation. Once completed, a thank you receipt will be sent, which confirms successful completion and receipt of the donation.

Important Notes:

  • Donations made via text require a credit or debit card.
  • Donations made via text will go to St. Mary's Operating Fund.

Subsequent Donations:

  • Future donations may be accomplished by simply texting the amount to (414) 622-1082.  A thank you receipt will be sent following each donation
  • To make the donation recurring, text “Repeat”  
  • To cancel the donation, text “Cancel”


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