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Background Information

Why should I use Online Giving?

Online giving is offered as a secure and convenient way to make regular contributions to St. Mary Church and School through automated giving. All contributions are recorded on bank or credit card statements with the date of settlement. Online giving is more secure than checks or cash. 

Who is the service provider that is using for online giving?

Vanco Payment Solutions is the service provider. Vanco Payment Solutions is a financial services company who already provides these same services to thousands of other churches.

Is it safe to donate online?

Yes, Vanco Payment Solutions is a nationally-certified provider with the highest level of security (PCI level 1) that is possible for any vendor or bank to achieve. This is far higher than St. Mary could ever achieve alone and no less than our Parishioners deserve.

What are “convenience fees” and who pays them?

Convenience fees are what online giving providers charge St. Mary for utilizing their service to provide automated giving options. You are able help offset the cost of the convenience fee charged to the Parish by checking the box that says "Optional: Give additional 2.75% to help offset the processing fee." 

The amount of the convenience fee varies according to whether the donation is provided via a checking or savings account bank transfer, or using a credit/debit card.  The most fee efficient way to make monthly contributions to the Parish is through ACH, directly from a checking or savings account, as it avoids credit card fees.  For more information about this option, visit Checking or Savings Automatic Withdrawal

Online Giving Processes

What are the various methods that I can use to give using a credit card, debit card, and/or an ACH transaction?  

Giving Method


Credit Card
Debit Card 

Give+Mobile X X
Text-to-Give   X
Give Website   X
Contribution Authorization Form X  


Can I give using my mobile phone?

Yes, you may donate using any device ( home computer, laptop, tablet or phone).  Give using your Apple iPhone or Android phone using the GivePlus+ mobile application. The mobile user interfaces are slightly different but offer the same functionality as a desk or laptop computer.


(Or, Text-to-Give or GIVE NOW in the phone’s web browser.)

How can I update my contact information?

Update contact information via St. Mary's Contact Form or by calling the Parish Office.

Will I receive a receipt indicating that I donated to St. Mary?

A confirmation page appears after a donation is submitted.  Print the confirmation page as proof of the donation.  In addition, a confirmation email is sent if a valid email address is provided when completing the donation. All cash donations will be consolidated on a member's annual giving statement for tax purposes, as well.

What if I want to make changes to my donation or need to stop a recurring donation?

Instructions to make changes or to stop a recurring donation for credit and debit cards are provided in "Giving Instructions" (see sidebar).  To make a change for recurring savings and checking accounts, help is available by emailing or phoning St. Mary's Parish Financial Assistant.

End of Year Giving Statement

How do I get credit at the end of the year for my charitable contribution to St. Mary?

If you would like a year-end statement for tax purposes, it is necessary to create a profile account. This enables St. Mary to link your generous contribution to the parish data system, which generates the annual giving statement.

What is the annual deadline for contributions?  

Cash contributions received or postmarked by December 31 will be included on the annual giving statement for that year. Online transactions must be initiated by December 31.




Instructions for Giving



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