Scheduling requests for facility usage of all St. Mary premises must be made by completing and submitting a Scheduling Form. A signed copy of "Regulations for Using St. Mary's Facility" must accompany the Scheduling Form once per fiscal (July-June) year.

Prior to submitting your request, it is your responsibility to confirm the availability of the requested space by viewing our calendar. Please read the directions carefully. Incomplete and/or inaccurate forms will be returned.

Fundraising Policy

All organizations interested in fundraising must comply with the Fundraising Policy and submit the Fundraiser Request Form for each fundraising event.

Facility Usage Policies

All organizations seeking to utilize our facilities must read and comply with our usage policies. Once per fiscal (July-June) year, a signed copy of "Regulations for Using St. Mary's Facilities" must be completed and submitted with scheduling requests.

Recycling Policies

Recycling is a priority for St Mary Parish and School and we believe everyone wants to participate in the effort. 

Our recycling program is handled by Waste Management.  They have an automated process for emptying our dumpsters including a camera which inspects every load.  Whenever we have a mixed / contaminated batch of recycling material in our designated dumpster, we receive fines and penalties and a photo of the load.   Waste Management disposes of mixed batches so the entire dumpster of recycling may be wasted. 
Here's a link to our website where we have placed a copy of the recycling policy of Waste Management.  Please review it.