Credit or Debit

St. Mary offers the ability to make a one-time gift or set-up recurring gifts using a credit or debit card.  (The most cost-effective method to make regular monthly contributions is via checking or savings.)

Giving with a credit or debit card can be done with or without creating a profile. We encourage members to create a profile to maintain maximum control of giving preferences, frequency, and history.

Members Please Note: Online giving cannot be included in the end-of-year statement without a profile.

To provide a one-time gift without creating a profile, follow the "To Give" steps below. A profile may be created at a later date, but it will not capture or reflect past giving.

Step 1 | Create an Online Profile

  1. Click "GIVE NOW"
  2. Click "Create Profile" - located on the right side of the page
  3. Enter your Email (twice)
  4. Enter your Contact Information, including a valid phone number. Since this involves financial data, it is recommended that you select a unique password – e.g., not the same password as you use for your email, Facebook, etc.
  5. When done, click the “Create Profile” button, again. You will receive an email indicating that a profile was created
  6. Use this Profile to manage your online giving

Step 2 | To Give

  1. Click "GIVE NOW"
  2. First-time users may Create a Profile or proceed to 3. (Return-users with a Profile may log in)
  3. Choose how much to donate, whether or not the donation will automatically recur, and how to allocate the donation.
  4. Select "Continue"
  5. Enter credit/debit card information and billing information
  6. Please consider checking the Optional checkbox - Give additional 2.75% to help offset the processing fee, to help cover the credit-processing fee.
  7. View Confirmation Page
    • Summary:  History and schedule of transactions
    • Profile:  Edit profile information
    • Log Out:  When completed, log out of the application
  8. Expect an email confirmation that itemizes the donation 

 To Make a Change to a Donation

  1. Log in using the GIVE NOW link
  2. Click on the "Summary" tab
  3. Edit/Delete the recurring or future planned one-time donations





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