Bread Ministry

Our Mission

In a small way, to do what we can to preserve human dignity in the face of hunger, and improve the lives of the food insecure by helping to fill a basic need.

Our Partnerships

Committee members help supply food pantries in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas.  We partner with Breadsmith, Inc. and Panera Bread to pick up bread and bakery items that are unsold at the end of the day.


We pick up bread and bakery items from Breadsmith on S. 76th Street at 5:00 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday and Panera Bread on W. Layton Avenue at 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.  We then individually wrap the bread and bakery items and deliver them to selected food pantries the following morning.  Each committee member is committed to volunteer in some aspect of the process once per month minimally.  Bags and twist ties are provided and some tasks may require the ability to lift up to 25 pounds.

Get Involved

Please join our dedicated and compassionate team as we strive to fulfill Christ’s mission to feed the hungry.  Contact the Bread Ministry liaison for further information.

Contact Us

Mark Dombeck