Nia Imani Family, Inc.

Nia Imani Family Center provides transitional housing and programs to foster independence for young mothers (and their children) who are recovering from homelessness and family violence. Their residential program focuses on first-time pregnant women and young mothers aged 18-24 with high urban ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scores who are homeless or facing housing insecurity. Nia Imani Family enables these young women to overcome their current obstacles, have healthy babies and become good parents; breaking the cycles of poverty and violence for their children and future generations. 
Nia Imani Family has been unique in providing its residents with wraparound services and a supportive "family" which they never had. Here they can learn order, rules, scheduling, health and nutrition, life skills, job skills, parenting skills, self-analysis and interpersonal dynamics, and pass these values along to their children. Nia Imani Family's twelve family apartment complex and center is located at 25th and Vliet in Milwaukee.
If you would like to donate items, Nia Imani Family gladly accepts donations of: 
  • house hold items such as: Kleenex tissue, toilet paper, dish soap, laundry detergent, laundry dryer sheets, paper towels, kitchen and bath towels 
  • cleaning products such as Comet cleanser, Fantastik, bleach or wipes, toilet cleaner, scrubbing bubbles, Windex, Pine-Sol, etc. 
  • personal care items include: shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and deodorant
  • baby care products and disposable diamper sizes 1 through 5 
Consider giving your time and talent to Nia Imani Family and make a difference in the lives of formerly homeless women and their children. Every afternoon and evening instructional group sessions/classes are held to enhance the lives of our women. We welcome volunteers and ideas. We are looking for help tutoring and babysitting children while their mothers are in session. Moms need help with job readiness skills and business skills, conducting basic computer instruction class, leading a book club, art and drama lessons, exercise or yoga classes, etc. 

 In the pursuit of peace and justice,
we strive to be the compassion
of Christ
as we advocate for and minister to
those in need.

Mission Statement 


Nia Imani Family
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