Faith in Action

An Invitation to Serve

St. Mary has come a long way in its 170 years in existence! It has grown from a small country parish to a thriving suburban parish---close to the largest in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Throughout the years, people of faith have not only drawn spiritual nourishment but have invested themselves to contribute to that growth.

That's why this handbook is so important to its present-day existence. It is a call to all parishioners to continue celebrating their faith in this setting---certainly in worship, but also by bringing their gifts to keep St. Mary Parish growing.

We are called through our baptism to service.

Please look at the many ways in which we promote the well-being of parishioners, but also consider contributing some of your time and talent to build up the body of Christ right here in our area.

Our mission statement reflects the purpose for our life together: Celebrating spiritual growth, centered in Christ, through Word, Sacrament, and Service.

Come join the many who are actively engaged in furthering our mission by signing up today!

We need you and believe that YOU will find a deeper sense of meaning for your life.