Haiti Budget

Do you wonder what type of financial support we provide to the community of Latiboliere? It's not easy to quantify because there are so many donated items that we are able to share thanks to your generosity.

While our total budget is $22,280 yearly, unexpected needs are often directed to us. One recent example is: in 2009, $3000 was requested and provided to help the village of Latiboliere to connect to a government sponsored water project.

While donation requests are difficult to predict, one thing is certain; after the earthquake, we expect needs to be much greater. Even the very basic supplies needed for day to day living will be in scare supply and consequently more expensive.

Commitments to our sister parish in Haiti made on a regular basis:


Supplies and other needs in the main school $1200
($600 per semester)
Sewing school support $1000
($500 per semester)
Teacher salaries in the chapel schools $1500


Monthly support for physician and his medical supplies

($300 monthly)
First Aid Providers in Latiboliere and each chapel area and Midwives
Service 13 first aid stations and approximately 30 midwives.

Dental Care
Two dental clinics per year.


Clinic Medications



Housing, etc.

Community/Church Support

This covers various needs in the community as the Committee of Latiboliere deems necessary such as food and support for the poor, emergency assistance (like the St. Mary Parish Crisis Fund,) the cost of transporting supplies sent on sea containers from the United States and Community Programs.


Parish/Priest Support

This provides for liturgical and faith formation needs and catechist training, fuel for the only vehicle in the parish which is used for carrying supplies and even as an ambulance in the event that someone needs to go to the hospital in Jeremie, and for church maintenance expenses.

$500 monthly
($6000 yearly)


The nurse monitors the care and treatment weekly of people suffering from aids and tuberculosis, administers vaccines and keeps the records of the people’s vaccine status.

$240 – 3x a year ($720)


Ways to Help

Water and Sanitation Help, Nutritional support, Education Initiatives, Health InitiativeSoccer Initiative, Collections, packing and shipment of Sea Containers, and Mission Teams to Haiti.

Make checks payable to: 
St. Mary Parish 
~designate for Haiti in the Memo~

Send to:
St Mary Catholic Faith Community
9520 W. Forest Home Ave
Hales Corners, WI 53130

Contact Us

Andrea Kachellek
Haiti Committee Cochair
Email: andream327@gmail.com
(414) 510-4307

Barb Schwartz
Haiti Committee Cochair
Email: SkipBarb@att.net
(414) 425-1658