Faith in Our Families

Did you miss us at Back to School Night?  Fun things are happening!  Here's what you need to know...

One of the unique aspects of our school is our ability to incorporate faith into everyday learning.  Faith is integrated into the formation of the whole person, not treated as something separate from the rest of life.  We know that faith begins and is nurtured, most importantly, at home. It is also strengthened through the community. As the first and primary educators of your child(ren), we want to do everything in our power to support you and your family on your journey of faith! 

Our First Event:  Mass & Hike on Sunday, November 3rd

Meet at St. Mary's and attend 9:00am Mass together, then head over to Whitnall Park Picnic Area #7 (see map here).  We'll meet in the parking lot across from the playground at 10:30 for a kid-friendly hike.  Option: bring a bag lunch and a blanket to eat at the playground after our hike.  All are welcome!

MagnifiKid Bulk Order

MagnifiKid is a weekly publication to help your child follow along at Mass.  It contains the readings, responses, and some fun activities to help them stay engaged.  Recommended for Grades 2-5.  Subscriptions cost $10 per child for the school year and will be sent home monthly in their school folder.  

***Deadline to Sign-Up for the 2019-2020 school year is Tuesday, September 3rd.  

Email Jackie Lesperance at if you would like to purchase a subscription.  If you have multiple children, you can choose to purchase multiple subscriptions so that each child has their own booklet or have them share - it's up to you!  In your email, please include the name(s) and grade(s) of the child(ren) for whom you are getting the subscription.

Check out our Newsletter!  

There's a link to the right and paper copies are available in the kiosk just outside the school office.  Future newsletters will be included in the Royal News and you'll always be able to view all of them here.

Join Kid's Club!

Kid's Club is a fun way to encourage weekend Mass attendance with your kids.  Modeled after the public library summer reading program, kids record their Mass attendance on a simple form and turn it in for their choice of prizes (ex. faith inspired books, jewelry, stickers, etc).  If you attend a church other than St. Mary - that still counts!  Students in ALL grades are welcome and encouraged to participate.  To join, fill out the Parent Sign Up Form and send it to school.  Use the Kid's Club Form to track your progress - instructions are on the form.  Links to both forms are to the right and paper copies are available at the kiosk outside the school office.

 Kid's Club Form


Free Resources for Kids (and parents!)

Every student who signs up for Kid's Club gets a gift!  Chose from the following:

1. Mass Busy Bag

Recommended for Grades 3K - 1st

Young children can enjoy quiet, tactile engagement with Christ-centered, age-appropriate materials that foster reverence, learning, and greater focus.  Offered in a variety of colors, each bag contains a bible activity book, crayons, rosary, cross necklace, reusable mass scavenger hunt, and a holy card showing Jesus kneeling and praying, both things we do at mass.  Add your own additional items to customize your bag.

Parent Tips: 

  • Laminate the scavenger hunt to help it last longer
  • Keep the bag in the car so it never gets left at home
  • Talk about "mass manners" with your kids.  When they put on their cross necklace to go into church, they're putting on their mass manners!

2. Blessed: My Little Mass Journal

Recommended for Grades 1-5

This beautifully illustrated journal can help your child learn to listen for the voice of God.  Have them bring it (and a pen) to Mass and write down one thing they "hear" God saying to them.  While they probably won't hear an actual voice, God can cause a word, phrase, idea, or image to stand out to us.  This could be through one of the readings, the homily, a prayer, or a song.

Parent Tips:

  • Asking your child to share what they wrote in their journal is a great conversation starter for the way home
  • Be ready to share what God said to you, too!

3. Mass Journal

Recommended for Grades 5-8...and parents!

This small, stylish journal provides a space to record what God is bringing to your mind and heart during Mass.  Bring it (and a pen) every time and listen for His inspiration and guidance.  While you may not hear an actual voice, God can cause a word, phrase, idea, or image to stand out to you.  This could be from one of the readings, the homily, a prayer, or a song. 

Parent Tips:
  • Set the example by using one yourself!
  • Read the included book excerpts if you find them helpful and ignore them if you don't  

77 Ways to Pray With Your Kids

Want to pray with your family, but you’re not quite sure how?  Use this book to get practical ideas and tips.  Whether you’re just starting out or looking for more variety, this book can be a helpful resource.  Copies are available by the kiosk outside the school office. 

Parent Tip
- Flip to the back and browse the index to find something to try!




Your Faith & Family Team:

Maria Schram
AnneMarie Wood
Jackie Lesperance
Sarah Jensen
Eric Karakis
Dani McCarroll
Katie Austing