VBRC: Virtue Based Restorative Character Development

By learning about and following the virtues, we are showing our commitment to live out our mission statement of "Celebrating spiritual growh and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment."

This year, our theme is "Live as Disciples of Christ."  To help us live as disciples through our words and actions, we will be learning about different virtues.  

Month Virtues Family Activities
September Prayerfulness and Responsibility
  • Write a prayer together.
  • Pray together.
  • Make a prayer space in your home.
  • Reflect together on all the ways everyone showed their responsibilities as a member of the family.
October Courtesy and Sincerity
  •  Consistently use please and thank you.
  • Help a family member do something without being asked.
  • As a family sit and share how your week is going.  Listen to each member without interrupting them.
November Gratitude and Generosity
  • As a family reflect and share how you each show gratitude for one another.
  • Make a picture that reminds your family what the meaning of generosity is.
December Good Judgment
  • As a family discuss a time when you needed to pray to God and ask for help in making a decision.
  • As a family make a list of questions to ask yourselves that would help you before making a decision.
January Justice
  • Talk as a family about how you can be fair to everyone.
February Affability and Kindness 
  • As a family say good morning with a smile each day of the week.  
  • Think of someone who seems sad in your family and send them a card to cheer them up.
March Patience and Perseverance
  • Write a family song that talks about having patience.
  • As a family share stories about times that were really difficult but you got through them.  Discuss how you got through the tough time.
April Obedience and Fortitude
  • Reflect as a family on how many times you needed to be told twice to do something.  Write a goal for yourself with your mom and dad.
  • Make a “Good Choice” chart.  Mark everytime you make a good choice to see how you a positively impacting others.
May Honesty and Self-Control
  • As a family discuss scenarios of when people may be honest or not, and how they should handle the situation.  Discuss what is the best way to deal with situations.
  • Make a “take a break” area in your home so that when you are feeling frustrated or upset your family members can cool off.
June Foresight
  • Make a plan for how you will obtain something that your family has been wanting to do or have.  Some examples could be a plan for planting a garden, going on a trip, organizing the garage, etc.


Click below to read the Virtues that the students will be practicing throughout the year: