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St. Mary Catholic Faith Community is committed to racial justice education and action, promoting a safe place, grounded in faith and scripture, to learn about racial justice from a discipleship and relationship-building standpoint.
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Equality Equity Justice

St. Mary Faith Community realizes that there are a variety of resources available to individuals about racial justice.  In addition, talking about racism and learning about racial justice can be an uncomfortable experience.  The conversation can become political very quickly. 

Learning about racism is a journey, and needs to be guided by faith.  Although viewing some of the these movies, articles, books, or documents may make individuals feel uncomfortable, St. Mary Faith Community's goal in providing resources on this website is to offer materials that are educational, and non-political.   Our goal is to provide a safe place to explore how guided by faith, we can intentionally learn how racism occurs in the structure of our society, and educate ourselves on how we and our families can contribute in the efforts for racial justice and healing. 

Racial Justice Background Information Resources

It is important to understand some of the terminology that is used when individuals discuss racial justice.  In addition, there are some videos that provide excellent education about racism that has occurred historically. 

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Categorized Racial Justice Resources

Intentionally listening and truly hearing the voices of those who have experienced alienation and real barriers is a part of exploring racial justice work.  In addition to background information, there are many resources that relate specifically to various categories regarding racial inequities and injustices.  The following resources provide additional in-depth information regarding the history of racial injustices in these five different categories:

  • Education:  Catholics believe that education is a right that upholds the dignity of the human person.  These articles and videos discuss the racial disparities in educational achievement across ethnic and racial groups and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Healthcare:  Catholic discussion of health care begins with the Catholic teaching that health care is a basic human right. These articles discuss the disparities that currently exist, racial inequities of Covid-19 vaccinations, and some key initiatives/challenges to resolve healthcare disparities.
  • Housing/Economic:  Catholics believe that housing is a basic human right— deserved by all due to their dignity as being created in God’s image.  These articles teach how federal, state and local policies, as well as redlining and restrictive covenants, impacted the ability (or inability) of people of color to obtain wealth through housing and created segregation.
  • Justice System:  We must continue to work and pray against the evils of racism, particularly as it manifests in our justice system and the way that laws are created and enforced.  These movies, PBS documentaries, articles and books discuss the racial inequities that have occurred in the justice system. 
  • Workforce:  People have a right to decent and productive work, fair wages, private property and economic initiative. The economy exists to serve people, not the other way around.  These articles discuss characteristics of white supremacy culture and how institutions can recognize institutionalized racism.

What Can You Do?

After becoming educated on racial justice, you may be asking yourself what you can do. In addition to reading the recommended books or reviewing the websites listed on the right hand column on this page, below are a couple of links to help you determine potential action items.

  "My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life."

Pope Francis quote in his address on June 3, 2020

Pope Benedict expounded on the Church’s responsibility to society to overcome racism, intolerance and exclusion, noting “one of humanity’s greatest challenges today is to end racism."  

- Pope Benedict, 2008

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 What Can you Do?

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Raise Race-Conscious Children

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